Nylon Plastic Steel Self Defense Stinger Duron Drill Tactical Security Weapon Keychain Portable Protection Tools For Women


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Hand instruments for surviving

When your automotive in an accident, you need to use it to interrupt the window. May very well be used for a key chain, preferrred as ladies or vacationers self-defense instruments.

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Excessive power materials

Manufactured from excessive power nylon plastic metal, proof against robust collision and affect resistance.

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Meet the ergonomics design

When held correctly, the stinger aligns itself with the arm bones and its blunt nostril turns into an efficient energy focus.

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Our self-defence key chain is common amongst ladies, college students, automotive homeowners in home and international markets.

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Non-metal & via safety

Non-metallic materials, might be handy via practice, subway, airplane and different safety checks. Can be utilized for tenting climbing, emergency survival wild equipment, and so on.

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